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Crisis Hotline: (775) 342-7040

Shakespeare Animal Fund stops the suffering of animals by helping pet owners with emergency veterinary bills due to accidents, sickness and other emergencies, in 13 northern Nevada counties and in North Central Florida.

Often those who need our help are elderly, disabled, returning veterans or simply those who find themselves in an emergency situation without the funds to get the help their pets desperately need. For many people their pets are their only family, and a constant source of unconditional love. We believe no one should ever have to choose between taking care of their four-footed family member or putting food on the table.


Shakespeare Animal Fund provides essential funding to our community's elderly, disabled, veterans and low-income individuals for their pet's emergency veterinary care.

We're helping more animals!

We are expanding and helping cats and dogs in North Central Florida. At this time we are only helping in Alachua County. We hope to expand to additional counties in the future.

To learn more about our Florida location, or to get involved email:

If your pet needs help please email:

  • To make sure everyone who has a suffering or dying dog or cat gets the medical treatment needed, regardless of whether they have funds or not.


  • To ensure no one has to do without food, medicine or other necessities to get emergency veterinary help for their pet


  • To increase the amount of funds given when necessary, in order to ensure that all procedures, including surgeries, can be done instead of euthanasia


  • To keep pets and their people together, instead of having pets surrendered to shelters in order to receive medical help

SAF helping Pets in Need
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