Project Hope & Heart


Saving Suffering Animals…one pet at a time

Shakespeare Animal Fund has been around since 2004 with only

one primary goal: To stop the suffering of animals by paying emergency veterinary bills when their owners can’t.

Over the years we’ve paid thousands of dollars to stop the suffering, but as the economy has changed and more elderly are having to get by with less, our calls and emails have doubled. We have to turn down people who desperately need our help to save their pets. And so as we looked for additional ways to bring in needed funds we came up with Project Hope & Heart, which has two functions:

First, an ongoing “fundraiser” where each of you, in your own way, raises funds to help us keep on helping.

Second, culminating all your efforts there’ll be an event in Reno, NV where we’ll also raise funds to help in paying emergency veterinarian bills (look for more on our website soon regarding the upcoming event).

How can you get involved?

1. Read a few of the requests we get every day for help below.
2. Then throw a Hope Party (anything from a dinner you give & friends pay admittance, to a garage or bake sale to creating an event (music, card night) and charge admittance.
3. Send us a photo of what you did along with your donation, and we’ll put your party on our site.
4. THEN, ask your friends to come to your Party site and vote ($1 a vote…) and the winner is honored at our Project Hope & Heart Fund Raiser.

Bottom line: You and your friends are helping us keep on giving.

Note: There are NO major administrative charges at Shakespeare. We pay a phone coordinator to monitor the phones 24/7, we pay for phone & bookkeeper, and other than very small expenses (mail-outs and small admin costs) the funds go straight to the animals. So many major non-profits put funds in executive salaries and expensive give-aways to promote donations. We put our money directly into saving animals!

Here are examples of the emails we get every day. We average around 20 or 20 calls each and every day as well:

“Having recently rescued a basset mix who was lying in the middle of the road in freezing weather unable to move to avoid oncoming vehicles due to a broken leg, we have since taken to the vet at which time it was determined surgery was needed to repair this dogs leg who has buckshot on his X-rays scars and cuts from who knows what he has been through…I am unable to further contribute any further funds (income 16,000) yearly and am in need of upcoming needs for this mistreated and abandoned animal.”

“We rescued two sweet lab puppies from someone handing them out at the parking lot Christmas eve. Unfortunately we lost one of the babies to parvo before we even knew what was happening. The next day her sister Rose, puked and we rushed her to the vet for immediate aggressive treatment… I have been covering expenses so far with a little loan from a friend, my funds and a small grant.”

“My daughter’s 7yrs old therapy cat really needs to be seen by a vet. He's 100% indoor kitty and has always been healthy. We became homeless in Oct & though I have a letter from her therapist the motel I've managed to keep us in won't allow him so my friend has been caring for him for us. Friday he fell over & was stiff, like he was dead… Since then he's vomiting and has diarrhea and refusing food & barely drinking…If it’s not to late Please help Azra! We need him as much as he needs us and is so sweet he doesn't deserve what's happening.”

“Please help us! My best friend is Sadie Lynn. She's a 9 yr golden retriever, she is my service companion as well She need emergency medical treatment! Last night she became paralyzed where she cannot move her back legs at all. She's in great pain, I have no income, applied for SDI & waiting for approval. I am desperate to find funding so to help my best friend and service companion. Please Help”.

Here are some thank you letters:

Hello, just wanted to keep in touch and send an update on our sweet tootie. It's been over a month since she's had her amputation surgery and she is doing better than everrrrrr! She acts like her normal, happy, hyper self. She runs and jumps just like she still has four legs, you can't tell a difference at all. Everyone was so amazed at how well and fast she adapted too it. The day she had her surgery I couldn't wait on the dr. to call me I was too anxious I had to call them and check on her, that very day when I called they told me everything went smoothly and that she was already standing up in her kennel wagging her tail! She went to the vet just last week for one of her routine shots and they checked her out and said she's healing fine, you can barely even tell where the leg was other than all her fur hasn't grown back yet. So tootie and I would both like to thank you for your help without it I don't know where we would be, so again THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will for sure be sending in a donation as soon as I can. Here is a picture of tootie! I will send more soon to keep you updated!

“I Maria Sanchez want to thank Shakespeare Fund for paying for the help my dog Artie needed ....he gets Mal seizures and seeing him go through that breaks my heart .He is the only one that understands me when I am sad do to feeling lonely and depressed .He is the one by my side no matter what, giving me lots of love ...I rescued him from a shelter and once I seen him, I fell in love . I never thought it was possible to get so much love from my dog Artie, by the way he is my first pet in my life. I thank God for Shakespeare Animal fund and Mrs. Jennifer for giving the gift of future life for my Artie.
With lots of love,
Maria Sanchez and Artie Sanchez”

“I wanted to thank you again for your help and support for Harley (previously Dutchess).
She is doing great, but wasn't using her leg fully after the surgery. So through some therapy it has really increased her motion and strength in that leg. Thank you for helping to make it all possible! Patti Redmond”


Celebrating 15 Years!

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Please help us celebrate Shakespeare Animal Fund's 15th Anniversary by giving $15 and asking your friends to do the same. Donate now!

""Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  ~Roger A. Caras

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