A few of our latest pleas for help!

We get hundreds of calls each year asking for help. But we also get a large number of emails pleading for help as well. Read a few of these and see why we care so much. Each story is touching, and shows how much people love their pets and how desperately they want to help them. Our job is to continually raise funds so we can get dying and suffering pets the medical care they need when their owners simply can’t afford it.

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Thank you to our past board and/or advisory board

Thank you to the wonderful folks who have been part of our past board and/or advisory board:

Note: We listed companies or positions after names of those who provided them. We are extremely grateful to all who have given their time, energy and have passionately worked to help Shakespeare grow, in order to help more animals, and their people!

Lois Mikawa

Doug Fermoile, Esq.

Drs. Travis & Cheryl Adlington, owners Adlington Eye Center

Cathie McClintock

Elizabeth Wise

Bob Hammer

Grace Hutchison, Reno Philharmonic

Diane Mortensen    

Andre Stigall, City of Sparks        

Kitty Jung, Commissioner Washoe County District 3

Dr. Cathy Connelly, veterinarian

Mindy Malucci, Washoe County teacher

Kirsten Joyce, TV anchor

Tom Henkenius, TV reporter

Dr. Doug Nesler, veterinarian

Anne Cutler, TV anchor

Teresa Thurston, owner Financial Solutions

Fran Donald, administrator at New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Amanda White

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, Reno Alternative Medicine

Julie Clas

Paula Rightmire

Karen Nichols, Silver Legacy

Cindy Mitchell

Amy Anderson

Suzy Anderson

Jesse Turner

Carol Raphel

Barbara Finley, Washoe County Judge

Bill Herbert

Carol Camp

Carol Reichman

Daryn Glassbrook

Jay Hinzman

Kesley Hernandez

Lesley Farias

Lyn Bennett

Linda Roide

Liz Mason

Renee Cariglia

Suzanne Kilgore

Joyce Decker

Nancy Eccles

Fiona Langham, Historian

Suzy O’Neal, Nevada Humane Society

Linda Drake, Nevada SPCA

Jacqueline & Robin Simonds, Beagle Bay Publishing

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Mozark Productions, TV writer (Designing Women)

Dr. Amy Gallagher

Roger Jones

Lesli Ventimiglia

Bruce Thee

Phyllis Snedecker

Patti Wade, Wade Development

BJ North

Carol Anne Carroll

Doug Voelz

Shakespeare Animal Fund

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”                                                                                                     Gandhi

Thank you for considering in giving a grant to Shakespeare Animal Fund. The fund started after the founder discovered there are thousands of elderly, disabled and other low income individuals who live alone and whose main “family” is their pet. They often live below the poverty line and cannot afford vet care for their seriously ill or injured pets; they have to watch them suffer and die

Founded in January 2004 under the direction of the Community Foundation, this organization has grown to give thousands of dollars to save local animals,  but with the current economy the calls for help have increased exponentially.

Your grant of up to $10,000 focuses on increasing the amount of each donation we give. At this point we can only offer $50, which gets an injured or dying animal into the vet but often there are only limited options available to the animal.

Whether it is a returning veteran whose dog means the world to him, a woman recovering from cancer whose cat has seen her through her illness, or a disabled man whose dog is the main reason he wakes up in the morning—they all need help, and Shakespeare Animal Fund is there to provide it. Your grant will help us not only keep on helping, but increase the amount we can offer, which will increase the lives we save!

Your Party

Your Party