Puppers is a Fighter!

Pepper Ed

I just wanted to keep you posted on Puppers. She had her surgery yesterday and is recovering nicely. I just talked to the doctor and he said she is a fighter; she was standing up wagging her tail and wants out of the cage, lol. Since it was so long to get her into surgery, her small....

intestine ruptured and the feces was in her abdomen and had to be cleaned out. The doctor had to cut out a small section of the damage and sew it back together. The blockage was removed and she should make a full recovery. The hospital will need to keep her for a couple days before I can bring her home although we can visit her. I am afraid to visit her because she would want to come home and I would have to leave her there and I don't want her to get depressed while she is recovering.

He will not be able to give her any food for another 36 hours but will try to give her a teaspoon full later on.  Again, I want to thank you for all your help. Life would not be so happy without her, she is the sweetest and most perfect companion we could have. She brings us so much joy that we would not know what to do without her!

 ~ Edd

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