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The Shakespeare Animal Fund has gone through many changes over the last couple of months; including, the monthly newsletter! We know a number of you have contacted us and inquired where the newsletter had gonewell have no fear—it’s here, shorter than normal, but packed with lots of exciting information.

Halloween Howl came and went with much success thanks in part to all of you who came out and participated and/or volunteered. Many thanks go out to those who spent hours perfecting each component of the night—we couldn’t have done it without you!

Many local celebrities showed up to help out including: Bill Brown and Tom Henkenius from Channel 2 news, Monica Jay from KOH Radio, Anne Cutler from Channel 8 News and various others. Thank you to our vendors who support us continuously throughout our events and the year.

We are in the beginning stages of putting together the 2nd annual Halloween Howl and would like your input, suggestions and help. We had a wonderful time and helped a lot of animals and hope to see you all this year! And the costumes…the creativity at last year’s event was amazing, we had a Siegfried and Roy with their white tiger/Great Dane, we had Marilyn Monroe and a bejeweled dog, a mop dog with it’s leash, a mom handle, and many, many more creative costumes. Of course next year we plan more prizes, more categories and even more fun!

Soon after Halloween Howl ended, SAF began its first ever Food Drive for Animals, which is still going on through the end of January and hopefully, for the rest of the year in some capacity. We have had much success and it has drawn a great deal of people onto our website, into our office and advertisement in the local papers, websites and radio stations.

New SAF president Mindy Maulucci was interviewed by Connie Wray of Alice 96.5 for the Sunday morning show which was broadcast over seven different stations and we have received many donations on behalf of that show. Every weekend we have a number of people dropping off donations and even more picking up food, blankets, toys and treats for their loved ones---what an amazing event!

Judy Adams--the wonderful building owner and dear friend of SAF--has even opened the doors on the weekdays when we are not in the office because there are lines of people waiting to collect food. Thank you Judy! We will be working with a group called Rescue to set up a bin in our office to hand out big baggies of pet food for the homeless to stop in and pick up when needed. We all know how hard it is for them and there is no logical way to give them a 40lb bag of food to carry aroundthanks to Mindy and all of the volunteers who have sat at our office on the weekends to collect and hand out food!

We’d like to continue this effort and are looking for people to man the office in order to keep handing out food to those in need. Keep sending those food donations in!

For the end of January and month of February, SAF is putting on the Heart of Lights fundraiser. For every ten dollars you donate to the drive you will have a red or pink light lit up on our huge heart hanging in our office . You will be sent a tastefully decorative heart certificate as a gift of gratitude, so stop by our office, visit the website or send in your donations! Let’s make this Valentine’s Day one of giving and love!

On January 28th SAF’s new Board of Directors took their pledge to uphold the mission statement and set forth a new chapter in SAF history! New Board Members are:

Mindy Maulucci-President

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger-Vice President

Jenny Goodfellow-Secretary

Paula Rightmire-Treasurer

Jennifer Webb-Executive Director

Dr. Cathy Connelly-Veterinarian at Large

Dr. Travis Adlington- PetCo Table Coordinator

Andre Stigall- Public Relations

Julie Claus- Events Coordinator

Congratulations and Good Luck to the new Board of Directors! We look forward to an exciting and constructive year!

Special thanks go out to Michelle Parvin who has volunteered her time to help us set up a new “game plan” for SAF! Way to go Michelle!

SAF is still accepting applications for the following board openings:

  • Vet Liaison
  • Membership
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate Liaison
  • Grant Writer
  • Attorney at Large

If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for these positions, please visit our website or stop by the office to pick up and fill out a form!

NEW OFFICE HOURS: We finally have our own office which is located at 143 Keystone Avenue, between 2nd and 1st streets and next to the City Market. Look for our wonderful new sign out front! Our hours of operation are: 12 to 3:00 pm Tuesday and Thursdays, although we are often there earlier.

If you would like to donate your time to help man the office during these hours please email SAF or call Mindy at 673-3481.

Just to let you what else to expect from Shakespeare Animal Fund this year, we are planning another event that allows you to bring your pets along with you. We had such an overwhelming response from Halloween Howl, actually having an event where dogs, cats and other pets got to actually participate, that we have planned Hoedown Howl, a summer event where you and your special “date” can listen to music, participate in a dance, join in some interesting games together, and just enjoy being part of a real live hoedown. We anticipate creating this event in June, but we’ll keep you posted.

Once again we thank you for caring, and for your support. On just one morning recently before noon, we helped a puppy with a bone stuck in its throat, a dog with a tumor the size of a cantaloupe on its leg, a cat that was losing weight and its owner had no money, another ill dog, and again that was before noon. Soon after we got a call from a woman who was out of work, and her dog had gotten hit by a car. Her unemployment check arrived the next day, but due to SAF she could get her dog, with a dislocated shoulder, to the vet the same day.

We are thrilled we can save so many animals and will continue to care for animals in the community thanks to you.

Have a wonderful month, we’ll be writing again soon!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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