People are desperate, and often get no help

  My name is Alexander J. from Okeechobee, Florida. I am disabled, on a small fixed income, and I am in renal failure.

Last September we went through Hurrican Irma, a category 4. Two months after the storm, I lost my baby Mr. Chips. He got real skinny, and I guess it might have been worms, or  something. He was dying. I reached out throughout the whole community on Facebook, and many others in person. I had no money, and not one person would help him. The local vets in town wanted cash first, and one vet told me to apply for a credit card.

It still hurts so bad knowing he suffered, and no one would help him!

Since then a kind lady gave me a female cat (Nala), a very smart and beautiful cat. I also have another black cat (Kitty Mamma), about ten years old, having her since 2006. I had to get Nala fixed, so someone gave me the funds to do so by an organization called SOS, a mobile vet lab.

I buried Mr. Chips next to the canal in the RV park so he could see the sunrise in the morning. I had him in the shelter and Kitty Mamma also during the hurricane.

Powerhouse Pets The Most Popular Four Legged Players On The Internet

by Sloan McKinney 

Almost since the advent of the internet itself, kids, cats and dogs seem to rule the online world. When Facebook arrived on the scene in 2004 and later in 2005 when Youtube was launched, these venues have given us an even bigger audience to showcase our four-legged friends. It’s a pretty safe bet that in today’s technological day and online age that we’ve all seen a video of a cat playing a piano and a dog riding a skateboard at least once.

As the popularity of social media continues to rise, there are some pets out there that have many thousands (sometimes millions) more followers than the average person on these networking channels. Let’s take a look at some of these powerhouse performers:


This adorable little pomeranian rules the roost with the most number of followers for any of our four-legged friends found online. His website touts that he is “the world’s cutest dog,” and few would argue this fact since he has over 16 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

He’s more than a presence online, since he’s reaching epic status as a marketing machine on the internet. He’s raising money for animal charities, selling a miniature plush toy in his likeness, has an enormous wardrobe and a plethora of pictures. He looks more like a teddy bear than a small dog, which may account for his overwhelming popularity.


Showcasing a continuous look of indifference that many cats are famous for exuding, Grumpy Cat could eventually dethrone Boo as the biggest money making machine. Recently starring in a made for TV movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, there are more movie rumors in the mill. Her online following is about half that of Boo, around 8 million, but there are also countless memes of her grumpy grin seen on the internet.


This little kitty was found abandoned with her feline siblings as the runt of a feral litter in rural Indiana. Adopted by a loving family who can address her special needs, a number of genetic abnormalities makes her a “perma-kitty,” which means she will remain kitten size for the whole of her nine lives. Even though she has conquered tremendous obstacles with her many health issues, still she is one of the most popular and playful cats in the world with almost a quarter-million feline fans.


It would only make sense that the founder of Facebook himself, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, would have one of the most famous dogs on board this popular platform. Named Beast, this Puli also known as a Hungarian Sheep Dog, mostly looks like a mop, a cuddly mop, but a mop nonetheless. Mark’s mop has managed to rack up over two million likes and followers on Zuckerberg’s famous Facebook page that he created for Beast.


Another dog found abandoned with a disability, blind in one eye due to neglect, Marnie was discovered by animal control officers wandering the streets of Connecticut. Also adopted by loving owners, this one-time street rat is now popular on a number of social platforms with almost a million followers.

If Shakespeare were alive and on social media today, you’d likely see him as an animal lover since he referred to the four-legged crowd on many occasions. After all, it was Hamlet who said, “The cat will mew, the dog will have his day.” If you’d like to help a special dog or cat in need, please contact us today. Even a small donation can make a big difference for a little animal who is in need of our assistance.

Upon the Passing of My Caroline

by Trina Nagele, November 28, 2014

 In my mind’s eye
I see you running through the sky
Towards the bridge of rainbow light.
As you’re ascending,
With each bound
I see your body mending.
Your muzzle, with age faded white,
Can now be seen
Shading to its former hues of brown.
Your dulled senses of smell and sight
Become again keen.
When you the entrance have found
Which you were seeking,
You pause to turn around
And look back to me.
For a moment, though it’s brief,
You sit down
And once more
Raise your gentle paw,
As you’ve done so oft before,
This time though
As if a blessing to bestow
To console me in my grief.
Rising to your feet,
You wag your tail as if thanking me
For the life we shared here below.
You give a joyful bark
To let me know
You’ve found relief
From all infirmity.
Then it’s time for you onward to go.
I’m glad to see
Your tail’s a-wag
And your head is up
As you trot, with the ease
Of a youthful pup,
Through the open gate.
There you’ll patiently my arrival await,
And on some unknown future date,
You’ll me joyously greet…
Fare well, my beloved friend,
Until we meet again.

Walking with McDude

by Doris McQuiddy, January 2013
(Following the passing of yellow lab Patrick Henry “McDude”)

Missing you, I walked our paths
Seeing the hidden pond you liked
I found two mallard couples, swimming
in slow circles
Looking for you or a paw print or a
sign of you
Deer prints like hearts pressed into
the sand
I looked up just in time to see a group
of birds
Lofting on the currents of wind
Drawing their fleeting pictures
Then their disappearing shapes on the
I hear your huffing to let me know you
are near
Or maybe your sound etched in my memory
Guiding my steps in search of comfort
Sweet friend of my heart.

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