The Joy and Health of Sharing our Lives with Animals!


We all know pets are amazing, but yet again studies show those who care for pets—especially dogs and cats—are much better at coping with stress. One study showed that among people who had had heart attacks, pet owners had one fifth the death rate of those who did not have pets. And another study revealed evidence that individuals experienced a statistically significant drop in blood pressure in response to petting a dog or cat. Bottom line, dogs and cats help our health, but the reason we choose to share our lives with them is much greater than that. They give us joy, humble us with their non-judgmental approach to life and expand our perspective on the magic of each and every day.

Because of this amazing human-animal bond, we at Shakespeare know the incredible importance of helping those whose animals are suffering. We’re working hard to raise awareness of what we do as well as funds to make it happen. And in March we’re focusing on building our board so we have a greater ability to reach out into the community as we start work on our October fundraiser, Halloween Howl. You can read more about the needed Board position descriptions here.  If you know anyone who might be a great addition to Shakespeare’s board, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll make contact and share more about who we are and what we do.  

As you look for fun activities to do with your dog, be sure and mark April and July as Dinner with Your Dog months at Wild River Grille. Set along the beautiful Truckee River, Wild River has beautiful outdoor dining and encourages folks to bring their dogs. A percentage of proceeds goes to Shakespeare.

Have an idea to help us grow? Feel free to email us or call our hotline (775-342-7040) and leave a message for Jennifer to give you a call. Thank you for supporting Shakespeare and may you have a day filled with laughter and joy!

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