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By Jennifer Webb, Founder, Shakespeare Animal Fund

Ever have the good fortune to know someone in his/her 80’s or 90’s? I think we can all learn from those who have been around more years than we have, but there is often one common denominator with folks of that age, they tend to have pets. And instead of being a great addition to their lives, these pets typically are their lives, lock, stock and barrel.

Because of their age, or the fact that they’ve often outlived family and friends, they don’t get out and around much, and the thing that keeps them waking up in the morning is taking care of their “family,” often a dog or cat.

So imagine how often we get emails and calls from people who are on social security or disability, and can’t get their suffering pets to the vet. Today I received an email from a disabled woman whose cat,  Molly, needs to have its right hind leg amputated or it will die. She has no income other than disability, managed enough money for the antibiotics, but that was it. Her last words in the email were, “She is everything to me.”

That’s why we do what we do. Multiply that request for help (we helped Molly) by hundreds and hundreds and you see why we’ve got our work cut out for us. And again, most of us, if our animals are severely hurt, will grimace, pull out our check books or credit cards, and somehow find the money.

Most of the thousands who contact us can’t find a spare $50 if they have to, and to save their pets they have to find the money!

As we go into autumn, and on toward Thanksgiving , let’s remind ourselves of how much we already have to be appreciative of, and how just a little can go so far in helping enrich the lives of others, simply by helping them save their pets.

Thanks for supporting Shakespeare and helping us continue to help!

Jennifer Webb
Founder, Shakespeare Animal Fund


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