Just How “Family” is the Family Pet?

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By Jennifer Webb, Founder, Shakespeare Animal Fund

An Associated Press-Petside.com.poll said half of all American pet owners consider their pets as much a part of the family as any person, and another 36% said the pet is part of the family, just not a full member. One third of pet owners let their animals sleep in bed with them, 19% have bought their pet an outfit, and 43% say their pet has its own style. Another interesting fact, 66% of single women say their pets are like their children, compared to 46% of married women. And single men? Apparently they are also very attached to their pets, but the report said they are apprehensive about discussing just how close, because of fear it will not appear masculine.

Any way you read these statistics it says Americans are smitten with their pets. A friend of mine even became wealthy due to a cat she adored who was constantly annoying her by getting into the sink to drink running water. Consequently, my friend invented a pet fountain with running water, all to help her cat. But after selling her invention to a well-known catalog company, she and her cat were handsomely rewarded.

My point, we feel our pets are our kids. We buy them Christmas gifts, embarrass them with goofy Halloween costumers they are forced to wear, to our amusement, and often sneak them people food, even thought we know it’s not good for them.

We at Shakespeare realize that many folks feel the same as we do about their animals, only they don’t have the funds to buy them goodies, or nutritious pet food, or even care for the them when they are terribly ill. That’s why we do what we do.

Animals add such quality to life and continually enrich our lives with their authentic love and genuine joy. As we’ve heard many times, many of us just hope we’re half as good as our pets seem to think we are.

This holiday season have a wonderful time with everyone in your family, and please help us keep on doing what we do best, helping the animals.

Jennifer Web

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