New Dog Rules


By Jennifer Webb, Founder, Shakespeare Animal Fund

Years ago when I first got Shakespeare, the namesake for this non-profit, I was dating a man who told me my puppy was never coming into his home. Then he changed his mind and said the puppy could come in his home but would never come into the bedroom. He watched my dog while I was traveling soon after, and when I returned I started getting lectures about buying the right kind of shampoo and toys for my dog, he had been doing research…

Amazing how animals have the ability--through their innocence and personalities--to win us over again and again. Therefore thought all of you might enjoy reading this:

Dog Rules:
1.    The dog is not allowed in the house.
2.    OK, the dog is allowed in the house but only in certain areas.
3.    The dog is allowed in all rooms but has to stay off the furniture
4.    Fine, the dog is allowed on the furniture but is not allowed on the bed.
5.    OK, the dog is allowed on the bed but only by invitation.
6.    The dog can sleep on the bed but definitely not under the covers.
7.    Whatever: the dog can sleep under the covers but can’t take too much room.
8.    We need a bigger bed.

Jennifer Webb
Founder, Shakespeare Animal Fund




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